Johor Bahru

Nearby Johor Bahru we found 11 station(s) that has been active during the latest hour.

Alternative names:
Baru, Bharu, Dzhokhor Bakhru, Dzhokhor-Baru, Dzohor Baru, Dzokhor Bakhru, JHB, Jahore Bahru, Johor, Johor Baharu, Johor Bahru, Johore, Johore Bahru, Johore Baru, Johore Bharu, Sin-san-su, joholeubalu, johora baru, johorubaru, jokur paru, jwhr bhrw, jwhwr bhrw, xin shan, ya hor bah ru

Location type:
seat of a first-order administrative division
802,489 (Updated 2021-04-17)


Nearby stations/objects3:
Symbol  9M4RJB-3 1.38 miles
Symbol  9W2JBV-3 2.48 miles
Symbol  9W2KHE-13 2.68 miles
Symbol  9W2GCC-1 2.94 miles
Symbol  9W2LUX-1 3.09 miles
Symbol  9W2RLW-4 3.5 miles
Symbol  9W2RLW-2 3.51 miles
Symbol  9W2TLW-13 3.94 miles
Symbol  9W2SNN-9 4.52 miles
Symbol  9W2FZW-3 5.84 miles
Symbol  9W2OBB-3 5.91 miles

  1. Number of city residents according to
  2. This is the Maidenhead Grid Square Locator, used by ham radio operators to specify a location (using few characters).
  3. Station and objects that has sent a packet during the latest hour with a position within 10km from the location center.
Initial position
Current position