Nearby Houston we found 19 station(s) that has been active during the latest hour.

Alternative names:
Chiouston, HOU, Hiu-su-tun, Hiustonas, Hjuston, Hjustona, Houston, Houston City, Hustonia, Hyuston, Kh'juston, Khjustn, Khjustan, Khjuston, hi'ustana, hiws tan, hiyustan, hou si dun, husatana, hyuseuteon, hyustan, hyustana, hyusuton, hywstn, hywstwn, xiu si dun, ywstwn

Location type:
seat of a second-order administrative division
2,296,224 (Updated 2019-09-05)


Nearby stations/objects3:
Symbol  EW3791 1.47 miles
Symbol  DW5612 2.33 miles
Symbol  CW6132 2.37 miles
Symbol  FW3809 3.43 miles
Symbol  N5YIZ 3.6 miles
Symbol  KK6GPV-10 3.63 miles
Symbol  N5WAJ-12 4.05 miles
Symbol  K5WH-8 4.46 miles
Symbol  W5HDR-C 4.73 miles
Symbol  W5HDR-B 4.73 miles
Symbol  W5HDR-A 4.73 miles
Symbol  W5HDR A 4.73 miles
Symbol  W5HDR AD 4.73 miles
Symbol  W5HDR B 4.73 miles
Symbol  W5HDR C 4.73 miles
Symbol  KC5DAQ-24 4.8 miles
Symbol  DW5038 4.96 miles
Symbol  DW0326 5.08 miles
Symbol  N5TRS-11 5.76 miles

  1. Number of city residents according to www.geonames.org.
  2. This is the Maidenhead Grid Square Locator, used by ham radio operators to specify a location (using few characters).
  3. Station and objects that has sent a packet during the latest hour with a position within 10km from the location center.
Initial position
Current position