Nearby Albuquerque we found 25 station(s) that has been active during the latest hour.

Alternative names:
ABQ, Al'bukerke, Albakrki, Albakerki, Albjukuehrokju, Albukerke, Albukerki, Albukwer kwe, Albuquerque, Alburquerque, Almpoukerki, Beeldil Daesenili *, Duke City, New Albuquerque, San Felipe de Neri, San Francisco Xavier, San Francisco de Albuquerque, The Duke City, Vokekyi Leuwi *, a bu kui ji, aelbeokeoki, alabakarki, alabukaraki, albakrky, albukark, albukarki, albwkrk nyw myksykw, albwkrky, alpukerkki, arubakaki

Location type:
seat of a second-order administrative division
559,121 (Updated 2018-01-26)


Nearby stations/objects3:
Symbol  KI5JBS-5 680 yd
Symbol  CW9752 1.27 miles
Symbol  EW4986 2.2 miles
Symbol  FW3713 2.31 miles
Symbol  N0MTH-N 2.7 miles
Symbol  KM5VY-12 4.01 miles
Symbol  146.90-NM 4.05 miles
Symbol  K5URR-B 4.05 miles
Symbol  K5URR-C 4.05 miles
Symbol  K5URR C 4.05 miles
Symbol  K5URR B 4.05 miles
Symbol  DW9886 4.08 miles
Symbol  KC5QOC-10 4.22 miles
Symbol  K5ADT-9 4.62 miles
Symbol  AE5HL-10 4.75 miles
Symbol  CW3873 5.18 miles
Symbol  KI5EMS-B 5.55 miles
Symbol  KI5EMS B 5.55 miles
Symbol  KI5EWH-1 5.7 miles
Symbol  DW6392 5.85 miles
Symbol  N5YYF-B 5.86 miles
Symbol  N5YYF B 5.86 miles
Symbol  CW2128 5.88 miles
Symbol  CW7923 5.94 miles
Symbol  DW6576 6.2 miles

  1. Number of city residents according to
  2. This is the Maidenhead Grid Square Locator, used by ham radio operators to specify a location (using few characters).
  3. Station and objects that has sent a packet during the latest hour with a position within 10km from the location center.
Initial position
Current position