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TinyTrak4 Alpha
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32.9471666666667, 131.133666666667
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Aso , Japan 3.18 miles
Taketa , Japan 13.57 miles
Takedamachi , Japan 15.5 miles
Ōzu , Japan 15.88 miles
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Nearby stations/objects:
Symbol  JE6YMI F 8.56 miles
Symbol  JE6YMM-A 8.56 miles
Symbol  JE6YMI-F 8.56 miles
Symbol  JE6YMM A 8.56 miles
Symbol  JG6YFP-ND 8.57 miles
Symbol  JG6YFP-10 8.57 miles
Symbol  JF6VRU-10 16.18 miles
Symbol  RJFT 18.24 miles
Symbol  JI6DAJ-9 22.02 miles
Symbol  JP6YHN-I 23.49 miles
Symbol  JA6MGQ-9 23.74 miles
Symbol  JA6TJY-10 24.22 miles
Symbol  WIR-12059 24.22 miles
Symbol  JE6QOG-9 25.33 miles
Symbol  JR6CUM-10 25.78 miles

  1. A packet is either recived from the regular APRS-IS servers or from the CWOP servers. Packets received from the APRS-IS servers are sent from ham radio operators, and packets received from the CWOP servers are sent from citizen weather stations.
  2. Position accordning to the Google geocoding service, based on the reported latitude and longitude (if we get no valid position from the Google gecoding service we will show the latitude and longitude).
  3. This is the Maidenhead Grid Square Locator, used by ham radio operators to specify a location (using few characters).
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