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The communication statistics that we show here may differ from similar communication statistics on other websites, the reason is that we are not collecting packets from the same APRS-IS servers. Each APRS-IS server performes duplicate filtering, and which packet that is considered to be a duplicate may differ depending on which APRS-IS server you receive your data from.

To include all duplicate packets in our statistics we would need a duplicate feed from all APRS-IS servers in the world (that would be hundreds of servers). The APRS Direct website collects it's packets from our own APRS-IS server, which is connected to a APRS-IS core server.

Please note that if distance is very long it may be incorrect (not all digis add themselves correctly to the path).


Stations that heard N8QF directly during January 2020.

Station Number of packets Latest heard Longest distance
Symbol  W8VFR-5 5425 1579628031 24.49 miles
Symbol  W8BLV 573 1579623823 280.39 miles
Symbol  K9JVA-10 136 1578434184 18.83 miles
Symbol  KI8FW 49 1579540583 5.17 miles
Symbol  W8VFR-3 42 1579584757 12.2 miles
Symbol  KG8AP-1 18 1578781511 17.02 miles
Symbol  KI6SZ-2 9 1579613652 27.64 miles
Symbol  W8VFR-11 7 1579228122 33.18 miles
Symbol  W9ICE-10 7 1579073590 105.45 miles
Symbol  W8VFR-4 5 1579579349 20.17 miles
Symbol  KC8RFE-3 5 1579068962 235.48 miles
Symbol  N9UMJ-10 2 1579157816 135.51 miles
Symbol  W8MRG-3 2 1577969070 23.6 miles
Symbol  N9LQP-2 1 1579073690 70.21 miles
Symbol  K4UAN-3 1 1579046617 241.01 miles
Symbol  CHLSEA 1 1579071928 201.76 miles

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Current position