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The communication statistics that we show here may differ from similar communication statistics on other websites, the reason is that we are not collecting packets from the same APRS-IS servers. Each APRS-IS server performes duplicate filtering, and which packet that is considered to be a duplicate may differ depending on which APRS-IS server you receive your data from.

To include all duplicate packets in our statistics we would need a duplicate feed from all APRS-IS servers in the world (that would be hundreds of servers). The APRS Direct website collects it's packets from our own APRS-IS server, which is connected to a APRS-IS core server.

Please note that if distance is very long it may be incorrect (not all digis add themselves correctly to the path).


Stations directly heard by PE1ROG-1 during September 2019.

Station Number of packets Latest heard Longest distance
Symbol  DL4JCP-9 299 1567873518 6.6 miles
Symbol  PA2HGD-9 220 1568627620 14.98 miles
Symbol  PE1ROG-9 196 1568561372 10.16 miles
Symbol  PD2CL-9 58 1568651098 15.22 miles
Symbol  PD1JW-9 47 1568617870 26.31 miles
Symbol  DH0SK-10 43 1568524237 16.47 miles
Symbol  PA3RIS-9 39 1568543141 12.41 miles
Symbol  DL4JCP-8 31 1567670303 6.73 miles
Symbol  DB4DU-9 29 1568402340 14.04 miles
Symbol  DG2YRP-9 19 1568297627 3.25 miles
Symbol  DG2YRP 17 1568414896 28.38 miles
Symbol  PA0Q-9 15 1568049628 14.47 miles
Symbol  PE1DH-9 10 1568644127 17.98 miles
Symbol  DL4EAX 10 1568560921 9.67 miles
Symbol  DB1AN-9 9 1568122090 9.77 miles
Symbol  PD1SLV-9 8 1568615504 12.07 miles
Symbol  DB1EPO-9 8 1568140708 6.75 miles
Symbol  PG4W-9 8 1568109841 15.28 miles
Symbol  LA2VSA-9 7 1567964826 14.29 miles
Symbol  PD0RH-9 6 1568026474 9.65 miles
Symbol  OE3WTS-9 4 1568586294 14.18 miles
Symbol  PD0MAC-9 3 1567859443 11.11 miles
Symbol  PD0MAC-2 3 1568401741 17 miles
Symbol  DK6TM-9 3 1568544309 3.35 miles
Symbol  PI1KAN 2 1567842637 16.99 miles
Symbol  PA3EFR-9 2 1568402379 16.79 miles
Symbol  PA1BKE-9 2 1568556686 12.87 miles
Symbol  DC2EH-7 1 1568439767 25.89 miles
Symbol  PE2CJ-9 1 1567329937 12.41 miles
Symbol  DL2ECY-9 1 1567867830 10.64 miles
Symbol  PA7FRN-9 1 1567326336 21.04 miles
Symbol  DO5HNL 1 1568032296 26.48 miles
Symbol  PI1ANH-2 1 1567366719 16.46 miles
Symbol  PA0GRI-9 1 1568288453 14.61 miles
Symbol  PD2RVZ-9 1 1567329944 4.39 miles
Symbol  PD9HIX-9 1 1568404831 16.8 miles

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