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The communication statistics that we show here may differ from similar communication statistics on other websites, the reason is that we are not collecting packets from the same APRS-IS servers. Each APRS-IS server performes duplicate filtering, and which packet that is considered to be a duplicate may differ depending on which APRS-IS server you receive your data from.

To include all duplicate packets in our statistics we would need a duplicate feed from all APRS-IS servers in the world (that would be hundreds of servers). The APRS Direct website collects it's packets from our own APRS-IS server, which is connected to a APRS-IS core server.

Please note that if distance is very long it may be incorrect (not all digis add themselves correctly to the path).


Stations that heard K9IMT-7 directly during May 2019.

Station Number of packets Latest heard Longest distance
Symbol  WA7RVV-8 439 1558632738 33.45 miles
Symbol  K7NVH-1 70 1558524759 14.39 miles
Symbol  MISION 67 1558542411 80.04 miles
Symbol  WA7DRE-11 59 1558627977 65.14 miles
Symbol  KITTAS 40 1558541038 23.05 miles
Symbol  JUPITR 36 1558524118 54.26 miles
Symbol  WA7LAW 25 1558049318 12.79 miles
Symbol  SNOPAS 25 1558529448 6.99 miles
Symbol  WA7VC-10 22 1558528331 35.02 miles
Symbol  WA7DRE 21 1558551269 36.17 miles
Symbol  N7ER-10 15 1558297017 21.53 miles
Symbol  TIGER 10 1558527236 6.75 miles
Symbol  CLEELM 8 1557685314 6.94 miles
Symbol  WW7RA 8 1558132339 54.32 miles
Symbol  KD7ESK-7 6 1558297315 6.51 miles
Symbol  N7OKG 5 1558551087 8.81 miles
Symbol  MONROE 5 1558119541 3.48 miles
Symbol  N7NIP-10 4 1557702397 7.58 miles
Symbol  WA2WA 4 1558545607 84.13 miles
Symbol  KI7RYA-5 4 1557056976 12.27 miles
Symbol  W7NPC-10 4 1557689487 42.91 miles
Symbol  KG7WPQ 3 1557679568 2.77 miles
Symbol  KX3O-10 3 1557690655 4.89 miles
Symbol  ERINB 2 1556728329 45.41 miles
Symbol  W7HR-1 2 1557057757 20.62 miles
Symbol  NW7RF 2 1557690007 8.84 miles
Symbol  BADGER 2 1557067458 45.11 miles
Symbol  KD7UBJ 2 1557688836 7.05 miles
Symbol  KI7PLN 2 1557057587 9.98 miles
Symbol  SNOHO 2 1558524792 5.59 miles
Symbol  BALDI 1 1558529127 24.37 miles
Symbol  W7PFR-1 1 1557055366 82.49 miles

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