Stations using DX Spot

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol DX Spot in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: DX Spot

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
CE3GCA-10 1615204697 - 146.400 Mhz
DL0QW-12 1615204527 APRS2GMA
IK8VKW-6 1615185131 CLUSTER telnet://
NOROSAN 1615203206 DX SPOT for west,south,east
ONDO SETO 1615203212 DX SPOT for Matsuyama & KITA-Hiroshima
SV2JAO/B 1615204212 Beacon 50.406, 70.087 cw
VE6EJ 1615171227 Kitchenette Retreat_1
WIRES-X 1615204228 VE3III Wires X, C4FM mode only
Initial position
Current position