Stations using Glider

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Glider in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Glider

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
9M2EDU-4 1615207772 12.6V 39.6C 0991.3Pa S11 APRS Mobile I-Gate T~
DL7ANJ-9 1615207853 438.725MHz happy skydive
EW5537 1615207835 t054r000p000P000h85b10194
IZ4IRY-7 1615183799 145.637MHz T077 -06073 de IZ4IRY QRV R
K0RSG-11 1615151333 XC Paragliding 3.9V 22.8C 911.7hPa
KG5JAC 1615165852 Powered Paraglider|3
SP8EBC-7 1615141132 Na lataniu/lazeniu itp 4.03V
SQ7EQB-7 1615181884 DMR ID: 2605178
VR2WOG-1 1615207163 VR2WOG Giovanni LAM Pilot USHPA 96516
Initial position
Current position