Stations using Police, Sheriff

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Police, Sheriff in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Police, Sheriff

Station Sent by Latest heard Comment
5 CIA PM PU5MFI-0 1545003908 3 Cia 7 BPM (190)
51 DRP PU5MFI-0 1545005709 51 Delegacia de Policia Civil - (44)3631-5252
997 NCE SQ9ZAY-3 1545004616 Posterunek Policji Niepolomice 122814111
997-NS SR9NRY 1545005854 POLICJA Nowy Sacz
9W2KHE-4 1544960597 !INSERVICE!PHG2020/Permas Jaya SGate/iGate 10Sept2018
BG1KSQ-1 1544932446 439.7250MHz 12.5V
BI1EYW-7 1544946686 -1113-BI1EYW-18511135400
BM7DEV-5 1544958881 144.640MHz
CD K0BAD-1 1545005192 Island of Hawai'i Civil Defense
DEPOL PU5PPZ-0 1545005716 Delegacia de Polcia Civil (44) 3233-1284
DEST. PM PU5PPZ-0 1545005716 Polcia Militar 4 Batalho-Destacamento (44) 3233-1824
F4DFQ 1544997991 DMR ID: 2086093
GCIVIL EA7AZH-1 1545004479 G-CIVIL
GCSO KE4LWT 1544924741 Sheriff's Office
HB9EMQ-3 1545006211 Howdy-Y'all:10-12 on 145.375/10m all DV-Mode:2284001 DIRCall
IZ7ZHD-7 1544960414 DMR ID: 2227337
M1ABD-3 1545005469 A DPARS DIGI at Dorset Police HQ. {UIV32N}
MHPS VA6KRK-10 1545005697 Police Station
N6HKH 1544933363
P.CIVIL PU5YBT-0 1545003905 Delegacia de Polcia
P.MILITAR PU5YBT-0 1545003905 Destacamento da Plicia Militar
PDANNAP N3UJJ 1545006209 Maryland State Police Barracks
PDEDGEW N3UJJ 1545004439 Edgewater Police Department
PERRY POE KD7GIZ-10 1544928392 Perry Port of Entry
PHUST DL1ITU 1545003728 Hessische Polizeihubschrauber Staffel
POLICIA LW2EQS-10 1545006211 Destacamento Patrulla Rural Lujan. Ruta 47
POLICIA EA7AZH-1 1545003249 Policia
POLICJA SP6PNZ 1545006113 Komenda Powiatowa Policji
POLITIE PE2CJ-1 1544951594 Politiebureau Europaweg Apeldoorn
PSP N3WAX-3 1545005490 Penn State Police Avondale Barracks
PU3SDL-15 1545005285 4BPM-In Conf *PAMPA-RS* {UIV32N}
RC RCMP VA6KRK-10 1545005697 Redcliff RCMP
SCHERTZPD W5HKR 1545006002
SDM 1545004752 K6CPT LASD San Dimas Station
SHRFCALV W3SMD-1 1545005075 Calvert Cnty Sheriff 30 Church St Prince Frederick 4105352800
SHRFCHAS W3SMD-1 1545005075 Charles County Sheriff 6915 Crain Hwy LaPlata 3019322222
SHRFSTM W3SMD-1 1545005075 STM_Sheriff 23150 Leonard Hall Dr Leonardtown 20650 3014758008
SM7MUN-9 1544998668 SM7MUN Min Hotspot
SPD-MONRO N2KI-10 1545001365 NYSPD Monroe
TPD W1KFR-15 1545004671 Tiverton Police Department
WB5TZJ 1545005949 WX3in1Mini /P.S.=12.5 v
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