Stations using No Symbol

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol No Symbol in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: No Symbol

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
AB0TJ-1 1615139654 ATMS (433MHz LoRa) Test Tracker RSSI=-58
DL7ATA 1615134377 #2621003
DL7VEA-14 1615139177 Feinstaub: 7.40 g/m@10m, 3.50 g/m@2.5m,
DL9SK-7 1615130048 Ralf
DO5RBB-8 1615114941 op Ralf
DO7RD 1615132253 Remo
EB2BAN 1615117091 Carlos Irun Gipuzkoa
HB9GUI-5 1615121744 145.500MHz https://aprsdro
HB9XBO-2 1615065183 Mobilinkd
KF9NU 1615139386 KF9NU-TNC-X fed from an old Alinco
LB1KH 1615139668 DMR ID: 2429137
N5VRT-15 1615088462 146.520MHz
N7MJL 1615139186 SharkRF openSPOT3
NG8E 1615130287 SharkRF openSPOT3
ON7DKE-7 1615129497 Bob ON7DKE-7
SP0DZ-1 1615105525 aprs-is terminal #1
VE5NN 1615139011 I-Gate
WARC 1615139772 Westmoreland Amateur Radio Club, callsign NN4VA, meets 2nd Tuesday each month, 7pm, at Westmoreland County EOC.
Initial position
Current position