Stations using Digipeater (with overlay E)

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Digipeater (with overlay E) in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Digipeater (with overlay E)

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
BUXTON 1618409756 W2, NCn-N WX4OBX
IR6BJ 1618409217 2/Digi APRS * CISAR Progetto R.A.S.E.
KF5BCX-1 1618405470 >Santa Rosa Beach, FL 13.5V 87F|4
VK3RAW-1 1618409593 W2 APRS Digipeater - Albury/Wodonga - (1)
VK3RBU-1 1618409734 APRS Digi - Ballarat - (2)
VK3RGR-1 1618409003 W2 APRS Digi - Wangaratta - (2)
VK5RPL-1 1618409391 Pt Lincoln Uidigi PF75VF
Initial position
Current position