Stations using TX igate (with path set to 2 hops)

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol TX igate (with path set to 2 hops) in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: TX igate (with path set to 2 hops)

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
KJ5IK-10 1619103124 -HAAT 190 feet, range 20 miles. Packet BBS KJ5IK-1 on 145.030.
N0OWT-3 1619095382 Bat=13.25V Temp=29C
N2ZVN 1619103093 W2 145.270MHz -0.6MHz T141 Orleans County RACES. Net Tuesdays 20:15
SP0DZ-10 1619103264 RX ONLY 11.6V
VA7QC-10 1619101704 APRS VHF IGATE
VE6YMM-1 1619103121 TX iGate @ Stoney Mtn - U=11.6V
ZL2UCX-10 1619102065 ZL2UCX IGate
Initial position
Current position