Stations using Gateway (with overlay S)

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Gateway (with overlay S) in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Gateway (with overlay S)

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
AA8HS-1 1624322917 Fill in Digipeater; 5 watts, 50 feet, Toledo, Ohio
AL7A-10 1624323145 iGate for Juneau, AK
DF1CHB-3 1624324166 testing Direwolf/RPI indoor
KC0UCQ 1624323605 LNK, NE - Internet Link: UP, Uptime: 142 days, CPU: 112F
KC9JAO-6 1624323887 TX and RX igate
KC9JAO-8 1624323803 TX and RX igate
KM6JNB 1624317367 Chelmsford MA
N2HRJ-10 1624324151 *APRSIS32_DireW iGate Highl Park NJ
SP8EET-4 1624323864 SP8EET-4 DireWolf Orange Pi Rx-only iGate TEST
SQ5MJA-15 1624323235 SATGATE 145.825 MHz
W0NE-1 1624291939 Bat=12.8V Board Temp=89F(32C)/Room=69F(21C)
W6BSD-5 1624323957 Direwolf 1.5 SDR iGate
YC1SCC-10 1624324240 APRS SatGate Raspi Ver.1
YE0EEE-2 1624324224 Linux SGATE 145.825Mhz Jakarta Indonesia
Initial position
Current position