Stations using Hurricane prediction

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Hurricane prediction in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Hurricane prediction

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
DO2JZ 1621253083 145.363MHz Notfunk VB F55
EA5AHQ-2 1621248799
HS1IFU-1 1621251113 U=11.9V,T=29.4C
IZ0POG 1621234199 Costantino
K6TLR-7 1621190665 MORRFlate
M0DMP 1621234505 David Pye
R5030105 1621214044 Clb=-13.7m/s p=822.2hPa t=0.0C FR= 8782 SV=02.02.15, Info na:
TAUKTA+12 1621252825 TC/095^115
TAUKTA+24 1621216826 TC/080^100
TAUKTA+36 1621252827 TS/040^050
TAUKTA+48 1621252828 TD/030^040
TAUKTA+72 1621197029 TD/030^040
Initial position
Current position