Stations using Navigation Buoy

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Navigation Buoy in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Navigation Buoy

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
GASCOGNE 1623528466 Boue Gascogne:
GuijaLake 1623528098 Laguna de Guija A.M. Jtp GT
IQ3VV-1 1623529707 *REF:T:::IDRO[IST]=1178; IDRO[ALL MAX]=2000; VBATT[IST]=15.00;
IQ3VV-2 1623529721 *REF:T:::IDRO[IST]=1617; IDRO[ALL MAX]=2500; VBATT[IST]=14.00;
IQ3VV-3 1623529748 *REF:T:::IDRO[IST]=655; IDRO[ALL MAX]=2000; VBATT[IST]=12.00;
KQ6RS-2 1623522277 12 Sats 4.00V 0m 25C DK09NR 0Z7HNR KQ6RS WSPR Buoy 5097
W6SUN-12 1623529725 7 Sats 4.20V 0m 20C CL97NH QV7JNH W6SUN WSPR Buoy 4341
Initial position
Current position