Stations using Parking

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Parking in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Parking

Station/Object Latest heard Comment
9W2DIE-8 1566309541 12.3V 27C HDOP00.9 SATS09
9W2KLG-8 1566309021 12.1V 38C HDOP00.7 SATS12 Busy
9W2RGH-9 1566309542 11.9V 29C EPE006 Argent Data Systems T3-Mini v1.1a
9W2YIE-8 1566277289 Kelantan Aprs Team
AAT 2019 1566309421 22.-25.08.2019 Altlengbach
BA5EA-3 1566306402 51G3 A0000.0Km 13.1V 39.5C 1004.7Pa S11 51G3
BD4TS-9 1566309467 51G3 B0571.7Km 12.5V 34.4C 1008.2Pa S08 51G3
BG2BAY-9 1566295551 14.5V S04 51G3
BG2TAN-9 1566293883 51G3 A0000.0Km 14.5V S04
BG5CHG-7 1566309590 HG-UV98 1369.6Km 7.1V 37.8C 1006.2hPa S06
BG5EKR-9 1566285003 51G3 A0000.0Km 13.6V 37.9C 1008.9Pa S06 I'm on My Way
BG5FGC-9 1566309534 51G3 A0015.7Km 12.4V 34.4C S09 51G3
BG5FGH-7 1566309470 QQ/WX:2588898 A0002.9Km 14.5V 37.1C S08
BG8SRK-9 1566294651 51G3 A0005.3Km 12.5V 41.5C 0816.4Pa S09 51G3
BH4AIU-7 1566293474 51G3 A0008.1Km 13.4V 40.5C 0462.8Pa S08 51G3
BH4TIH-10 1566309569 YX-CAR 438.575-5/88.5 B1330.9Km 13.0V S10
BH4TPJ-9 1566292634 51G3 A0000.0Km 2.1V 1008.0Pa S07 51G3
BH5EDY-9 1566271662 51G3 A0063.8Km 13.1V S10 51G3
BI3NFU-1 1566306191 51G2S A0000.0Km 12.2V S08
BI3NFU-2 1566306151 51G2S A0000.0Km 12.3V S09
BI3NFU-6 1566295388 51G2S A0000.1Km 12.0V S08
BI4DXJ-9 1566309543 51G3 A0002.7Km 11.6V 1933.0C 1008.5Pa S10 144.640MHZ Nantong 438.450 -5 88.~
BI8CYW-9 1566309533 51G3 A0512.0Km 12.6V 0960.9Pa S07 SiChuan iGATE:438.650MHz QSO:438.500Mhz
BI8DAE-5 1566309163 51G3 A0005.4Km 12.9V 34.2C 0949.8Pa S10 51G3
CE3SUR-2 1566309193 144.3900MHz 4.16V 16.3C_X
CE3SUR-7 1566309357 144.3900MHz 4.22V 21.6C_X
CT1EJC-4 1566305469 Quinta do Conde {UIV32N}
DG1ABE-9 1566278371 14.5V 19C Parken / Michael DOK H34 Uslar 432,825Mhz
DL3KAV-9 1566297084 10W HF 10151 kHz LSB mobil
DL8HGM-9 1566309303 Heinz 24.8C
DM3RCK-9 1566309522 3.95V
E20OGB-1 1566309093 145.275MHz
E20OTK-9 1566290420 13.5V 24C Yaris 7557 Lopburi
E20VSH-7 1566297470 Park
E21RBE-9 1566309408 [v1099]
E23JLG-4 1566305138
E24ORD-10 1566225405 [v1119] toysafety
E24XVE-9 1566309235 145.275MHz
E24XVG-9 1566309419 APRS KLAEG145.2750MHz
E27ASY-8 1566309504 145.000MHz
E27RK-14 1566308912 [v1304] Aprs rayong Fahsai 145.200MHz
E27TU-9 1566309571 145.275MHz
E27UF-9 1566309532 APRS CLUB KLANG
E29XZ-3 1566308897 HDOP00.8 SATS11
HS0QKD-9 1566309391 [v1182]145.725Mhz.Aprs indy HS0QKD0830184959
HS1FVL-12 1566309214 RAST APRS DC>12.76v
HS1FVL-6 1566238496 RAST APRS DC>12.96v
HS1ZHY-7 1566307880 Park
HS2ALL-6 1566308489 145.275MHz
HS2BDU-9 1566306107 [v1262]www. / 144.9625MHz
HS2TEU-9 1566307862 [v1164]
HS2XQB-12 1566309346 [v1123]Pe
HS3ICB-11 1566296234 Park
HS3NOQ-7 1566295490 Park
HS3NOQ-9 1566289126 Park
HS3PIK-9 1566304179 Park 145.225MHz
HS3RXX-9 1566309202 stop 145.1625MHz
HS3UZM-9 1566309512 APRS@Korat
HS4TGK-10 1566309458 HDOP00.9 SATS09 VIN:12.5V Napa Chonburi
HS5BOG-9 1566309587 12.3V 37C APRS Phrae 145.450 MHz
HS5JOB 1566309475 Park
HS5QQT-9 1566301862
HS5RWA-10 1566293308 VIN:12.7V
HS5YCC-9 1566309179 226/$GP
HS9IBR-10 1566308873 [v1194]TMPT-HS9IBR
HS9LWR-9 1566277502 13.0V 51C STOP/PARKING call +66869666698
KD5E-1 1566309517 A=D46141
KF0VC-11 1566260036 CozyN8191V 3.96V 97.3F_X
M0BEH-9 1566305406 Pete
OE1TKS-14 1566293512 11.7V 28C HDOP01.1 SATS09
PD5RFX-14 1566288520 433.450MHz Hoi, Allert on tour, QRV DMR 204
SP4BOS-9 1566284633 145.450MHz > MSG
SP8GON-9 1566291316 145,500 MHz MiniDIGI op. Grzegorz 73! 4.0V
VE4HAY-9 1566309394 VE4HAY F150 4.25V 26.5C_X
VK4YPB-7 1566263857 Walking Young Polar Bear 4.13V 26.7C TF_X
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